At the end of the day, all business is about marketing, convincing a customer that they want your product enough to pay for it. The strategies used by businesses to initiate those conversations and make that argument have changed dramatically over the last century, the last decade, even the last year. From bright signs next to highways to catchy jingles on commercials to complex digital marketing strategies, though the goal stays the same, the tools have become incredibly diverse.
The problem for many business owners is that new tools are being added faster than old ones are getting outdated. With limited budgets, coming up with an effective strategy means deciding which marketing outlets are best for your business and which won’t be effective. Finding out what tools are best for you is a combination of research and good old fashioned luck. To find out what marketing tools are working in the home improvement business, we turned to our team of home improvement experts.
Below, we’ve awarded the comments we found most valuable. Check back later in the week to see what other advice we have for finding the best marketing
tools, new and old!