family medical leave actWhen Bill Clinton was campaigning for the presidency, he promised Americans that he would enact a law that would allow family members the assurance that if they left their job to take care of the health needs of family members, their jobs would remain secure.

He fulfilled this promise.

The Family and Medical Leave Act was signed on February 5, 1993.

The Law states that within a year, an employee is entitled to twelve weeks of leave to take care of certain conditions, with the full assurance that their jobs will wait for them until they return to work.

The conditions that are included in the Family and Medical Leave Act include taking care of a newborn baby due to the birth of a child. However, it also includes taking care of a child due to either adoption or foster care placement.

The Act also includes caring for parents, a spouse, or children that are ill, or even if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

There are some other benefits included in the Act, besides simple job security.

For example, if someone is on leave due to sickness, illness, or while taking care of family members, not only can they not be fired, but they must also return to work to a job that is the equivalent of the position they left. Also, it is against the law for employees to lose their benefits while away on family and medical leave.

There are certain conditions and requirements that govern whether or not your employer will offer family and medical leave.

If you have any questions regarding if you employer should provide you with leave, you should contact an attorney who is experienced in employment and labor.