sexual harassmentSexual harassment is a serious charge. When cases of sexual harassment has been alleged, there is a moral, civil, and legal responsibility to investigate the matter and ensure that justice is served.

However, there are times when a true misunderstanding occurs, and one incorrectly perceives behaviors as sexual harassment. This can lead the accused party feeling the reproach of others.

Witnesses corroborate many cases of true sexual harassment.

When there is no witness it is very difficult to prove the accused innocence. It generally comes down to a “he said” “she said” type of argument with only one thing being certain, the accused often suffers a severely damaged reputation.

If you have been falsely accused of sexual harassment then you must speak with a defense attorney as soon as possible. Sexual harassment is a serious charge and you are facing serious criminal allegations.

Arranging a consultation with an attorney is important for your defense as well as possible future claims that you may decide to file.

When you meet with your attorney you should discuss whether it would be beneficial to file a counter claim against the person who claimed false allegations. It is important to understand that it is never easy to win a defamation suit as both the alleged accuser and victim are most often both subject to extreme scrutiny and both character assassination.

In short, when someone files for defamation, both parties are going to have as much slander, gossip, and past dirt brought to the surface. If you have skeletons in your closet that you do not want to reveal to the public, you may decide that a defamation suit is more trouble than it is worth.

Be sure to discuss all of your options with your attorney.