There are many new and exciting options for home upgrades this season in the areas of home automation, home security, and home electronics.

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Home Automation

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn off or dim distant lighting in your home with a remote control, for example the hallway light from your bedroom, or an entry light from your kitchen? Have you ever thought of hitting a button on your TV remote to lower the lights before a movie? How about setting the temperature remotely, or brewing a cup of coffee? A wide variety of options are now available to you to accomplish these and other conveniences, some quite inexpensive and easy to install, and others a bit more involved. Check out Insteon and X10 products at Afriel; they stock a wide variety.

Home Surveillance and Security

Is your home adequately protected from intruders? If the answer is no, you have many options. From cameras to complete systems, to custom solutions integrating with home automation systems, this segment has evolved dramatically over the last several years. Now you can put in a system for a reasonable cost, or hire a professional to set something up something quickly that is very sophisticated.

Home Appliances, Electronics, and Gadgets

It seems there is a cool new device every day for your every need. How many of us still shuffle through remote controls to start a film or watch television? Universal remotes have come a long way over the years. Are you ever concerned about your mail, or gate access? Options are exploding that use convenient electronic combinations to protect unwanted access. From smart thermostats, to smart hose timers, to smart wireless doorbell solutions, new affordable solutions are emerging every day.

Exciting offer from Afriel online electronics store

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