entertainment sports lawEntertainment and Sports law is the area of law that governs sports, entertainment, and leisure.

There are laws that govern issues pertaining to motion pictures, theater, television, cable, and radio.

The law also encompasses areas of entertainment such as the performing arts, media, and sports. These branches of entertainment are vast and diverse.

The field of media alone incorporates publishing, visual arts and graphics, and new computer technologies.

The area of sports law covers both professional and amateur sports and focuses on areas such as agent contracts and negotiations, and areas of sports merchandising and licenses.

Entertainment and Sports law is often divided into areas of expertise.

Because an agent is an important aspect for those who are in the entertainment or sports industry, you will need an attorney who specializes in Contract Law.

All entertainers will need the services of an attorney who specializes in Copyright Law who can help ensure that creative works are being protected correctly.

These issues can be extremely complex and may be governed by both state and federal rulings.

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