enforcing your rights against auto dealer fraudState and federal consumer protection laws have been enacted to make sure that car buyers are more protected than ever.

If you have taken the steps to protect yourself against auto fraud, but still believe that you may have been a victim of one or more types of auto fraud, there are a few ways to enforce your rights.

Contact the Dealer
In some states, it’s required that you contact the dealer to give them an opportunity to fix the problem before taking legal action. This contact can either be made by you personally, or by an attorney that will represent you in your lawsuit. Present the car dealership with a written document of the problem and the solution you would like to result from the complaint, such as a partial refund.

File a Complaint
You may want to file a state agency complaint if you believe you have been a victim of auto dealer fraud. These agencies exist to protect the rights of consumers and are designated to deal with complaints about car dealers. You can find these agencies by searching your states Department of Transportation, motor vehicle division, or the office of the State Attorney General.

Hire an Attorney
If you suspect that an auto dealer has committed one of the common types of auto fraud that are affecting the buyer’s market today, your best bet may be hiring an experienced auto dealer fraud attorney. An attorney will evaluate your claim and determine if a case can be brought up against the dealer. Attorneys handling auto dealer fraud cases will also be able to tell you what you can expect from the lawsuit and will mediate any contact with the auto dealer.