gavel and flagWhen a person enters into an agreement with an employer, they are protected from employment discrimination while in the workforce.

Employment discrimination may be based upon issues such as an employee’s age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, race, or religion.

America has a long history of discrimination and many people have yet to change their views.

Many of these beliefs and thought processes are learned behaviors that have often passed from generation to generation. However, this does not excuse the behavior, nor does it mean that the behavior is punishable by local, state, and federal law.

Employment discrimination may vary from refusing to hire someone to improperly firing them, refusing to promote people, or simply harassing them while they are working. It is important to realize that it may be difficult to prove that a company has refused to hire you due to discrimination. If you strongly believe that you have not been hired due to discrimination, then you should speak with an attorney who is experienced with employment law.

If you have been working with a company and discover that they have practices and policies that discriminate against any group of people, such as failure to promote people from a certain race then you must recognize the fact that you have been a victim of discrimination.

There is also a particular type of discrimination that occurs frequently. It is called, “reverse discrimination” and it occurs when a company has instituted a policy in hopes of promoting or furthering the careers and benefits of minority groups.

Reverse Discrimination is when other people fail to be promoted, offered benefits, or are not hired because the company is seeking to hire and promote minorities. Reverse Discrimination is just as serious as any other form of discrimination and must be addressed.

If you are facing any type of discrimination in the work place, speak with an experienced employment lawyer.