Employment Contracts & Non-Compete Agreements


employment contracts non-compete agreementsWhen an employee chooses to work for a company, or when an employer hires an employee, the two have entered into a legal contract.

There are federal laws that govern how employers must conduct their interactions with their employees.

Even without expressed statement; many situations are governed by both state and federal law.

When an employer wishes to map out certain rules and restrictions regarding the nature of the company and work that entails, they may wish to seek an experienced employment law attorney and draft up legal employment contracts.

Many employers choose to draft up employee manuals as a way of presenting employment contracts, rules, policies, and regulations to new employees.

Therefore, when the employee reads a manual and signs his or her name, they are sealing the contract with the company. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that an employment law attorney assists in the crafting of all paperwork, contracts, and manuals. This is the best and most efficient way for companies to rest assured that they have covered every detail when drawing up these contracts.

In addition to the importance of creating employment manuals and contracts, many employers also want to ensure that their employees do not work for their competition.

The basis behind this is simple. When employers are entrusted with secret knowledge or trade secrets regarding how a company works, the potential for those employers to reveal that information to their competitors is great.

The amount of damage that a business could ensue if their trade secrets were released could be substantial. Due to the seriousness of competition, many employers require employees to sign non-compete agreements.

Employees should thoroughly read employment contracts as well as non-compete agreements before signing them. And, employers should utilize the services of an employment lawyer to make certain that their non-compete agreements encompass all aspects of their business.