embezzlementEmbezzlement is the act of stealing property or money from a corporation or business.

Embezzlement is usually committed by someone who works for the company.

Simply put, embezzlement could be defined as stealing from your boss or assets from your own business and using them for your own personal gain.

It isn’t uncommon for someone to falsely be accused of embezzlement. For instance, if a company has an debt repayment agreement with an employee or an individual and the debt hasn’t been repair, the person may falsely be accused of embezzlement. Employees are often trusted with great responsibility and may have access to company credit cards, business accounts, and property.

Because it is difficult to prove embezzlement, it is important that anyone accused of embezzlement have representation of a criminal defense lawyer who can review the case and offer advise the best steps to take.

In embezzlement cases, the prosecutor must prove a number of factors. First, the prosecution must show that the defendant stole the money, property, or assets through illegal means and that the company did not have a legal agreement with the defendant.

Embezzlement is a serious act of fraud and may carry very severe consequences.