eLocal Blog-OffeLocal USA LLC (“eLocal”) is thrilled to announce its new blog-off series that will bring bloggers and professionals together to discuss hot topics and exciting trends in home improvement.

This series will provide homeowners with information directly from the experts, while simultaneously creating a new forum for industry leaders to network and exchange ideas.

The response for the series so far has been overwhelming. Participants include recognizable brands, such as Kohler and Roto-Rooter, and television personalities, such as HGTV’s season 5 Design Star winner Emily Henderson of Secrets from a Stylist. Experts involved in the blog-off range from plumbing, roofing, and electrical contractors to green living and interior design professionals.

eLocal aims to unite the home improvement industry through its network of blogs. “The blog-off concept is a great way for industry professionals to come together in providing the most accurate information for consumers to use,” said Paul Abrams, Roto-Rooter’s Public Relations Manager and blog-off participant.

During each bi-weekly blog-off, contributors will answer specially selected questions that are relevant to their expertise. Those answers will be reviewed, distilled, and presented in a comprehensive article across eLocal’s network for the benefit of homeowners everywhere.

Since each article will allow opportunity for discussion, the content will not only provide homeowners with a summary of popular opinions on the chosen topic, but also create a community for experts to interact and debate. Homeowners are also able to jump in and ask questions.

“People normally need to visit multiple websites and scour the web to find different expert opinions,” explains Sam Bookler, Director of Online Marketing for eLocal. “We’re excited to have all those answers in one place. You rarely see contractors, interior designers, and green living experts working together like this. We want to change that.”

The first blog-off article explores when homeowners should approach plumbing and electrical decisions in the remodeling process. Many homeowners start with their dream design and work from there, but this can result in disappointment or costly decisions. The experts’ answer to the best approach will be published today on eLocal’s plumbing and electrical blogs.

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For more information on the blog-off or to get involved, please send an email to the attention of Adria Saracino at blogoff@elocal.com