The Eco Consulting field is exploding, and the next generation of Eco Consultants are seeking new avenues for becoming quickly trained in this green profession, according to the San Diego-based Eco Institution, a leading environmental education firm.

Estimates place the number of Eco Consultants in the United States currently at about 3,000—quite a large number for a profession that’s less than three years old.

This total should double within the next 12 months, according to Kevin Hopkins, a former White House economist and author of the Eco Institution’s Eco Consultant Certification Course.

“Homeowners and businesses in the United States and other developed countries have long been supportive of environmental initiatives, but have been frustrated by a lack of both knowledge and opportunities for living and operating in a more environmentally responsible fashion,” says Mr. Hopkins.

“But thanks to the emerging Eco Consultant profession, local residents and business owners can begin to really make a difference—right in their own neighborhoods and communities.”

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