“Green jobs”—jobs whose main purpose is to promote environmental education, environmental protection, and energy conservation—are emerging as one of the most promising employment opportunities in the years ahead.

Among the most exciting and rewarding of these new “green jobs” is that of Certified Green Auditor also known as an Eco Consultant.

A Certified Green Auditor (CGA) is a professional designation originated by the San Diego-based Eco Institution LLC, a global environmental training and educational institution.

A Certified Green Auditor, also informally called an “Eco Consultant,” is a person who is trained primarily to inspect residential properties and small-business workplaces in order to recommend changes that can be made in building structures and design, appliances and fixtures, and residents’ and employees’ behaviors that will significantly reduce energy and water consumption within these locations.

By conducting a comprehensive “Green Home Audit” or “Green Workplace Audit,” the Certified Green Auditor identifies and catalogs each of these potential energy and water savings and makes suggestions for implementing them, with the goal of saving the homeowners and business owners money even as these changes also benefit the environment.

To learn more about the Eco Consulting profession—and to receive a limited-time, $1000 savings on training—please visit the Eco Institution’s web site at www.EcoTraining.com.