One of the most prevalent problems facing America’s public school system is that of drugs in school.

Most schools have a zero tolerance policy where drugs are concerned, and if a student is caught with drugs they may be permanently expelled.

The easiest way to avoid breaking school rules is to know the rules.

Most schools pass out a rulebook to new students. To avoid the possibility of expulsion, every student should be familiar with their school’s rules and regulations.

If your child has been charged with possessing or distributing drugs in school then you will need to attend a hearing where the school board will decide whether or not to have your child expelled.

You may find that your best course of action is to contact an attorney who is familiar with education law and knows the rules and laws regarding drugs use or possession in your school district. Expulsion is a serious situation and your child may be unable to enter the public school system again.

The best way to determine a strategy for your child’s defense is through the assistance of legal counsel.