domestic partnershipToday the family unit is not only the traditional family, a married man, woman and their children.

Today, couples who have joined their lives and live together comprise a family unit, and this unit is called a domestic partnership.

These couples may be either the same sex or of the opposite sex.

Every state has specific laws regarding domestic partners and common law marriages, and these laws are continually changing and evolving each day.

Some states recognize domestic partnerships and provide the individuals same legal standing as a marriage union.

When a domestic partnership dissolves in one of these states, it’s important that qualified an attorney should represent each party, just as if a couple was divorcing.

There will be many issues to settle, especially if domestic partnership benefits, such as insurances, were included in the union.

If you have been involved in a domestic partnership and are wondering what your rights are when ending the relationship, you need to speak with an attorney who is experienced with domestic partnerships and is sensitive to the particular issues and legal needs of each individual.