Featured Question by CoMar Products: Every time you turn on the TV, it seems like you can find a popular new home improvement show on air. And other kinds of media, like magazines and the blogosphere, seem to be following suit.

What does this mean for businesses that work in the home improvement industry? Is there a difference between the media’s portrayal of the house makeover process and reality? We’re turning to our Blog-Off experts for the final word on the issue…

Why We’re Asking:

Debbie Cannon of CoMar Products, Inc. suggested our 13th Blog-Off question. Since 1965, CoMar has been manufacturing, fabricating and installing recycled glass, cultured marble and solid surface materials for bathrooms, kitchens, and more. CoMar is a certified woman-owned business, and a two-time winner of the International Cast Polymer Alliance (ICPA) Manufacturer of the Year award.

With the popularity of home improvement television and magazines on the rise, sometimes it seems like everyone is turning to the media for advice about their homes. But is this a good or bad development for our local businesses? While shows, shelter blogs, and magazine articles can inspire and motivate homeowners to make more changes, do they also mislead people as to how difficult it can be to get the results they want?

So experts, it’s time to weigh in:

Does the media’s portrayal of home improvement help or hurt your business?

With the prevalence of celebrity designers/contractors/etc. and their popular television shows and writing, do you think homeowners are getting an accurate picture of what the remodeling business is like?
If not, what do you think are some of the misconceptions? How does this affect your business and the homeowner’s experience?
Any advice for homeowners in regards to popular television shows, articles, or blogs?

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!