The holidays are rolling on in. After Halloween ends it feels like everything is just on a speeding rollercoaster and suddenly you’re left with gifts to buy, parties to host, and feeling ill-prepared for all of it. One thing we can help out with and that’s how to get your home ready for the holidays. We’ve got some great tips below that you can start on now, and return to throughout the holiday season to keep your home the best it can be through parties, guests, and more. 


We all talk about spring cleaning, but fall cleaning right before winter sets in is just as important. This isn’t a simple vacuum or Windex spray on the windows if there’s anything you’ve been putting off where cleaning is concerned, this is the time to address it. Do baseboards, clean in the grouting, scrub those toilets. And you can always get help from a professional cleaning service as well. 

Did you know the average sink contains 100,000 more germs than your bathroom?

Repair & Upgrade

Now’s the time to make sure your appliances are working. This means checking and cleaning your oven, making sure the microwave is functioning, checking fridge temperature, making sure the coffee maker works, and testing out the dishwasher. You don’t want any of these to fail you when the holidays kick in. An appliance pro can help you assess your needs. 

Did you know plumber service calls increase 50% on Black Friday? You might be one of them. 


The first place to look at is your windows and any other draft points in your house. They can make it chillier than you think and really take a toll on your energy bill. Examine draft points and winterize them appropriately. You’ll also want to winterize your yard and any outdoor appliances or entertainment areas you have. Professional contractors and landscapers can help with this. 

Did you know 37% of homes use a secondary heating source do to drafts in the winter? 

There’s a lot that goes into those three steps and you may find you have more work cut out for you than you realize. But don’t put the jobs off. Call any one of our 20,000 local pros to get help getting your home ready for the holidays. 

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