Texting and driving laws are becoming a standard state law across the country. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, text messaging while driving has been banned by 39 states. The country is taking distracted driving seriously, but we wonder if these laws are actually lowering the number of accidents from cell phone use. Even more, we wonder how these laws are being treated in the courts.

Tragic accidents have occurred from distracted driving. Checking your text messages, fiddling with the radio, or eating in the car can result in slower reaction time behind the wheel. After such an accident occurs, we wonder how distracted driving laws are being applied and what type of penalties guilty parties could face.

Why We’re Asking:

In today’s modern world, virtually everyone of driving age owns a cell phone. We are constantly checking our text messages, making phone calls, and being notified of new e-mails, looking at Facebook messages and scrolling through Twitter. But this technology comes with grave danger when it is being used by drivers. To find out more, we’re turning to our panel of legal professionals.

Are distracted driving laws preventing accidents?

In states where the laws are being enforced, are the consequences great?

If you cause an accident while violating distracted driving laws, what type of penalties could you face?

Should drivers involved in such an accident hire a personal injury lawyer to navigate the relatively new laws?

We look forward to learning more about about distracted driving laws. Check back next week to see what our personal injury legal professionals have to say!

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