Felt paper, otherwise known as tar paper, is an underlayment that is used between the decking and shingles.

There are two weights: #15 and #30.

It is important to make sure that you use the weight of the paper that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Installation should be done by an professional.

When you hire a professional roofer to install, repair or replace your roof, they will be sure to use the weight recommended by the manufacturer of the roofing materials, so that you will not void any manufacturer warranties applicable to your roof.

Underlayments are extremely important to your roof’s waterproofing abilities. This is where felt paper comes in handy. However, it is important to realize that felt paper can tear easily so it should be installed by an experienced roofer.

In fact, because of its texture, it isn’t recommended that homeowners try to install it. Many unfortunate accidents have occurred when homeowners slipped on the surface of felt paper that they were trying to install.

Many times leaks occur due to a tear or a rip in the felt paper. If there is a hole or tear in the felt paper, you will most likely see stains or leaks in your attic.

If you have excessive water, leaves or other natural materials accumulating on your roof you are essentially creating your own compost pile. When this happens, the water becomes very acidic and if it seeps into the felt paper, it will cause it to deteriorate.

Schedule regular inspections on your roofing system including the attic. If you suspect that there are tears in your felt paper don’t put off an inspection.

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