How to Design by Season


This week we asked our design experts how to welcome new seasons by adapting interior design. They replied in force and we’re excited to share their expertise in our final summary article. But such a colorful question deserves more than simple text so we’re presenting an infographic that showcases all the creative ways you can change your design to match changing seasons  using colors, texture, artwork, and aroma.

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Design by Season


When the leaves change from green to red and gold, so should your home’s interior. Warmer colors like reds and oranges, as well as earth tones, are great to create a cozy feeling on the coldest of nights. When the weather starts to heat up outside, switch back to the bright greens and blues that match the clear skies and new summer foliage.


Texture is a design change that affords you advantages in both aesthetic and function. Heavier textures in drapes, blankets, pillows and rugs are more conducive to winter styles. But they also perform well when it’s colder outside. Heavy curtains can help insulate around windows while thick blankets and rugs can keep the cold floor off your warm feet.


A simple picture can make all the difference when bringing together a larger design plan. Seeing a wintry landscape in the summer is contradicting and will the emotion of your interior space feel disjointed. Match the colors and seasons of your artwork to the rest of your room and you’re design will be a complete picture.


Smell is one of the most powerful senses, especially when it comes to recognizing seasons. The scent of allspice, clove and cinnamon makes nearly everyone think of the holidays and winter weather while lemon, lavender, and fresh cotton are just a few of the scents associated with the bright days of summer. Oil diffusers work well in the summer while incense and candles are great for the cold season.