The Power of Personality

When potential customers are searching for a plumber to complete a job, they will scour the web looking for the company they deem to be “the best.”

There are a couple key factors that customers use to determine who they will choose for the job. While pricing and credentials, such as being licensed and insured, are important, customers are also drawn to a company’s advertising.

Advertising is a sure-fire way to get your establishment exposure and generate business.

It also serves as an avenue to convey what is important to your company’s customer base. Having a well-planned advertising campaign includes choosing a brand personality and incorporating that into all aspects of your company’s advertising.

A company’s brand is defined as the basic look and feel that is present in the logo, the slogan, the ad, and any other advertising content. Brand personality can enhance or detract from your company’s image in the minds of potential customers.

While some huge companies, like Nike or Coca-Cola, spend millions developing their brand personality and advertising campaigns, it’s possible to create company branding on a much smaller scale. Consider these basic components to craft your company’s image and attract customers through a strong brand character.

Develop a Brand Concept
A basic brand concept, using a key angle to shape everything from your slogan to your business card, lays the foundation for all of your advertising.

For example:
What do you want to highlight when presenting your company to customers?

Are you always on time?

Does your company have a mom-and-pop feel?

Are your employees reliable and uniformed?

Set the Tone
The tone of your brand personality should be uniform throughout every aspect of your advertising – your company’s website, your logo, your slogan, and any images you use. This tone should reflect who your company is and the image you would like to project.

Brand personality, created by the images and words you choose, will help customers relate to your company because you are giving them a glimpse into specific aspects of your company, such as work ethic and experience.

Think about whether your tone should be humorous, elegant, serious, friendly, etc. As the business owner, your own personality can contribute greatly to the overall tone of your business. If you pride yourself on being professional in all situations, a serious tone may be the right way to go. If you think of yourself as the happy-go-lucky electrician, use words and images that illustrate this trait. These aspects allow customers to form a bond with you and your company before even picking up the phone to call you.

Design to Impress
Any sort of advertising you are creating should have a distinct design with features that are always present when associated with your company. Maybe it is something as standard as a well-crafted company logo, or sticking with a certain color. Use the same concepts throughout any design, and only incorporate elements that communicate your company’s personality. Customers will form an impression of your company based on the design you present in your advertising. You make the decision if your design should be elegant, modern, neat, or cartoonish. When you speak to a potential customer through your advertising, and they feel comfortable with the overall design, they are likely to contact you for your services.

The Write Stuff
When writing content for a brochure, a website, a newsletter, or any other type of written advertising, it must go hand-in-hand with your brand personality. Some companies will opt for a standard, corporate sounding tone when writing content while others will have a conversational, laid-back tone. Your content should always be grammatically correct and professional no matter what tone you choose, but there is great flexibility in the wording you choose and how you get those words across to your customer. Whatever feels right for your business is the direction to follow.

If you give the impression through written information that your company only accepts big jobs, you can expect to only attract customers that have big jobs. However, if you feel every job is important (small or big) and you are genuine to this belief when writing a slogan or advertising content, you will attract all types of customers. Being genuine to yourself and your company when writing a slogan or advertising content will give your customers a feel for what your company is all about before you show up at their front door. This sense of comfort between company and customer is invaluable.

If your current branding is non-existent or in need of a makeover, follow the guidelines above for creating a brand personality that works with your company. Customers will be able to tell when a company has invested time and energy into having a well-organized and uniform character and mission. This brand personality will help customers view your business as a well established and on-point, company devoted to serving customers.