It’s clear that one of the most effective ways to put your company’s name in front of customers is on the web.

Countless studies have proven that having a company website not only provides value to your company, but is now a standard across most industries. Now, more than ever, customers are searching on the Internet for the services they need.

Not having an online presence could cost you leads and jobs, which is something you don’t want to risk in today’s economy.

If you’ve decided to get a website (or maybe you already have one), the next question is what to include on the website.

There are certain things that customers want to find and will expect to see online. Include these crucial elements on your website to make sure you’re capturing customer’s attention while also providing all the information they need.

1. Personality
This point might be obvious, but it’s an important one.

Small businesses in particular have the opportunity to really personalize their websites to reflect the company. Make your logo prominent, and use your company’s colors throughout the site to establish coherence.

At a glance, your website should tell a visitor who you are and what you do. A personalized and descriptive tagline can instantly hook a potential new customer.

Making your website as unique as possible, without going overboard, will make your website memorable to customers.

2. Services Offered
Customers want to clearly see exactly what services you can provide to them.

Making a bulleted list of services that is prominent on your site will help customers quickly and easily identify if your company is right for them.

Having a separate “Services” tab with a more in-depth explanation of your services is a good way to direct customers to learn what you offer. Answering most of your customer’s questions on your website will reduce the number of questions they’ll ask you when they call your company.

3. User-Friendly Navigation
If your website is hard to navigate, it can immediately turn a customer away.

Don’t risk losing a customer right off the bat by having a website that’s not easy to use and read.

Have a simple menu bar with simple tabs for easy searching. Try to avoid a lot of Flash images and pop-ups.

Viewers normally ignore areas that look like advertisements because their goal is to get the vital information they need to know about your company without a lot of distractions.

4. Contact Information
While some companies can get away with simply showing a phone number, displaying more contact information goes a long way in building credibility and a sense of local community.

If possible, display an email address and your business’ physical location. Customers like to see exactly who you are and where you are based. Group all of this information in one spot on your website, in an “About Us” page or a “Contact” page so the information is easily found.

5. Graphics
Because people are drawn to photos and images, if you have these elements on your website, they will attract a lot of attention.

Choose your graphics wisely. If you have photos of actual jobs that you’ve completed or employees in your company, these images are generally better than using models or stock photography.

It’s better to use well photographed company products, services, or employees rather than stock photographs that are only partially related to your company.

Keep your graphics to a minimum to avoid clutter, and try to keep images in the same location on each page for uniformity.

By incorporating all of these elements into your website, you are guaranteed to make the most of the space and ensure that your customers are easilly able to find what they want on your site.

Remember to make your content clear and concise, while still showing what makes your company unique and worth hiring.

Keep the content short, easy to scan and to the point. Give customers clear directions on how to navigate your site.

Use “action- based” words like “Call Now for a Free Estimate”, which will make a bigger impact rather than simply presenting your phone number.

A well-planned and well-crafted website created to enhance the user’s experience is a vital tool for any business looking to attract new customers Such a website will also serve the current customer base by providing relevant and timely company information.

If there is no one on your staff with experience with website design and content, consider hiring a company to design and manager your site.

This way, you can have your design and content vision carried out, without being bogged down with the technical aspects of the site.

Make your website the best it can be to reach the most customers and increase your company’s online presence.