final noticeWhen someone owes a business debt and hasn’t made significant payments for a period of time, the account is often handed over to a debt collector.

The collector initiates contact with the debtor and begins the process of attempting to collect the money owed.

It isn’t uncommon for debtors to feel harassed as the collector uses phone calls, letters and contacting family members or friends in an attempt to collect payment.

There are laws, rules, and regulations that govern how debt collectors may communicate with debtors and there are stipulations regarding who and when they are allowed to make collection attempts. The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act governs these tactics.

For example, many times a debt collector may contact a debtor’s place of employment and tell an employer that the person owes a debt. This is against federal ruling and is a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.

If bill collectors are harassing you, it is important that you contact a lawyer who is experienced with debt collection law. You might not be aware that your rights are being violated.

Also, once you hire a lawyer to handle your debt and matters of debt collection, all bill and debt collectors will need to speak only to your lawyer. This is an additional benefit that will reduce your stress while you are trying to get your finances back in order.