Clogged Drain


Many homeowners today prefer to fix minor clogs themselves.

However, a clogged drain can become a challenge. Most times, for simple clogs, a plunger does the job. Second line of defense is usually a liquid drain cleaner, which is not very effective.

However, a clog can be more involved and extensive.

If you continue to plunge a clogged drain and use a drain cleaner with no relief, you may actually cause damage to your pipes. Without knowing the source of the problem, you will not find a solution.

A clogged drain can result from tree branches, ancient piping, debris, or something dropped into the drain itself.

For example, if you have tree branches growing into the outside sewer pipes, a professional plumber will use special equipment such as a snake. A snake turns as it is inserted into the pipe and breaks apart branches that are blocking the flow of refuge.

A clog may be the result something that was dropped into the drain. If you have a toilet that is clogged, it may be because something was flushed down and is now lodged in the drain.

Unplugging clogged drains is a typical day in the life of a professional plumber. A call to your local plumber will solve the clog problem, quickly and effectively.