Ten-thousand dollars. You probably haven’t seen that much cash at one time in your whole life, have you? Well consider it a blessing. That’s how much digging up a clogged septic tank could cost.

Yep. It’s not just DIY and test plumbers anymore. We’re talking about contracting and demolition…bulldozers, cranes, and a whole lot of manual labor. In other words, digging up your entire property.

You don’t even want to read that, let alone think about it. A degraded septic tank can cost thousands of dollars in property damage and thousands more to replace. So what can you do now to make sure that never happens?

One simple thing is to make sure nothing goes down the drain that doesn’t belong there. Always dispose of solid food in the trashcan, and limit your use of the garbage disposal. Never pour excess oil or fat down the drain, as this creates sludge similar to the way motor oil can ruin an automobile. Restrict the toilet to only toilet paper and waste, as other personal hygiene products can block the toilet and create a clogged septic tank.

Never pour paint or chemicals down the drain. They can also produce a clogged septic tank, not to mention it is horrible for the environment.

Keep tabs on the state of your outside property. If you have a tree, make sure the roots are not deep enough to disturb the sewage system.

Lastly, a little-known fact is that baker’s yeast can be very beneficial in preventing clogged septic tanks. Occasionally, empty a packet of yeast into your drain and run luke-warm water for several minutes. This will ensure the yeast will get into the tank and begin to decompose some of those harmful substances.

Educate yourself on clogs and how you can not only protect your family’s health, but also the environment. Check out our post Clog Busters: Stop the Clog for more information!

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