Everybody hates the clean-up.

But while your guests may have particularly enjoyed those barbecued riblets and garlic mashed potatoes, your sink definitely did not.

So before you wait until Labor Day to clean up the mess from the Fourth of July, consider hiring a plumber to do the dirty-work.

Plumbers are adept at removing “gunk” from a drain pipe clogged up with food. While an ordinary bathtub drainpipe can be fixed simply by removing the “stopper”, sink-variety drain pipes are not so easy. At the very least, special pliers and screwdrivers are required, along with a Plumber’s auger. Not the usual plunger job you’re used to, eh?

And the worst part is, as the clogged drain pipe accumulates more food, bacteria and waste get trapped beneath the drain, complicating the situation even more. This is a problem that definitely needs professional attention, especially if the mess becomes too much for the garbage-disposal.

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Ever hear of the domino effect? I’m sure you remember it from history class: one small change leads to an ever bigger change, which in turn leads to drastic complications. Well, the term can definitely be applied in plumbing. One drain pipe clogged with food can lead to blocked pipes, which can ruin the garbage disposal and in time the whole sink.

So don’t take the chance. Fix the clogged drain pipe. Your wallet will be glad you did.

Educate yourself on clogs and how you can not only protect your family’s health, but also the environment. Check out our post Clog Busters: Stop the Clog for more information!

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