Got a clogged drain line? Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way.

First of all, no two clogs are the same. There are many variables to take into consideration. Is the problem with the pipes or could it be your septic system?

Do you even know if you have a septic system?

Is it a single clog or multiple clogs? Is the problem a hair clog or do you have old pipes? The better job you do diagnosing the problem, the more effectively you can attack it.

If the clogged drain line is the main drain leaving your house, there are going to be a number of unique obstacles to overcome when you attempt to clear the drain.

First of all, access can be limited because this line needs a solid seal to prevent sewer gasses from entering your home. Also, this is a much wider and longer drain pipe than any other in the house, so if you can maneuver a snake auger into the drain, you will likely need one that is quite long and possibly motorized in order to break through the clog (or clogs) blocking your drain.

I always call a professional plumber when I need to clear my sewer drain because I simply do not have the tools or expertise to clear this kind of clog by myself.

If your home has a septic system, call a plumber immediately. If a minor issue with your septic system is allowed to become a major issue, the repair bill will add up quickly. You should never flush anything into a septic system that cannot biodegrade; doing so will only bring major problems sooner.

The type of pipes in your home can also be a cause of a clogged drain line. If you have galvanized iron pipes in your home, there is a chance that your clog may actually be a mineral deposit.

If this is the case a plumber will need to replace your iron pipes with newer, copper pipes.

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