How embarrassing to have plumbing back-up when entertaining guests during the Holidays!

Not only does it cramp your festive spirit, an emergency visit by the friendly plumber can definitely carve into your budget too.

To help keep your parties and drains flowing smoothly, keep cooking fats, oils and grease (FOG) out of the kitchen sink. FOG is the leading cause of sewage line back ups.

When grease is washed down drains, it cools and congeals on the pipe walls. Over time, the grease builds up and restricts pipe flows just like arterial sclerosis in our bodies. Fall and winter time bring cooler temperatures and cause grease in pipes to cool even faster, increasing the chance of clog formation and untimely backups.

So when cooking for your friends and family during the Holidays remember to place your sewer lines on a fat-free diet by following these simple steps:

1. Cooking oils and grease clog sewers – keep them out of your drains.

2. Scrape plates and cookware and pour out all cooking oil/grease into a bag or can.

3. Use plastic garbage bags to prevent leaks.

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