clog prevention tipFamilies these days are eating healthier diets with less fried foods and fatty meats.

Yet many people don’t realize we must remain diligent in preventing fats, oils and grease discharges down our drains.

Cooking fats, oil and grease (FOG) are leading causes of clogged drains, back-ups, and sewage spills.

Keeping FOG out of your drains will keep the plumber away, save you money, prevent embarrassing backups, and inconvenient messy cleanups.

So where’s the grease? How can we trim the fat from our sewers and keep our pipes running smoothly?

Below is a list of many typical pipe-clogging foods to avoid washing down drains:

• Oil and butter
• Mayonnaise and sour cream
• Cheese
• Sauces and dips
• Salad dressing
• Cake frosting
• Pie dough
• Gravy
• Turkey and chicken pan drippings
• Fat remaining on plates from BBQ’d steak

Eating a healthy diet, low in fat is great for our bodies.

By also placing our drains on fat-free diets, we help protect the environment and do our part to keep city costs down. Now that’s got to make you feel good all over!

Tips for fat-free drains:

Scrape food and grease from plates into the trash – garbage disposals don’t remove grease.

Place a strainer in your sink drains.

Pour off cooking grease from pans and bake ware into a resealable can. Let it cool before placing it in the trash.

Collect turkey frying oil and take it to the local household collection facility for free. The tallow company picks it up and recycles it.

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