Happy New Year From Clog Busters!


By now you’ve probably made a few resolutions and, possibly already broken a few. But ClogBusters has a resolution we think you can easily stick to.

Resolve to stop the clog.

While you’re trying out your new low-fat diet, think about putting your sewer system on a low-fat diet too.

Fats, oils and grease clog sewers and cause sewage back ups and overflows in the street. By placing your sewer on a fat free diet you are also protecting the public health, the environment and your check book. Yes, even your check book.

Preventing unbudgeted plumber visits saves you money.

So this year resolve to stop the clog.
1. Place your sewer on a fat free diet
2. Prevent sewage backups
3. Protect the public health and the environment.
4. Save money

If you do have a clog, call a reputable plumber.

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Resolve to become clog free in 2010.