Clay roof tile is naturally beautiful. I came from a clay background and was an enthusiastic salesperson. I loved it.

I actually collected the most beautiful samples pulled out of a pallet somewhere (I’d ask, can I keep this?) and kept them in the garage. Mr. Patient, my husband, made me give them up when we moved from our first home. How cruel it was to have my collection thrown in a dumpster! Couldn’t we have found a loving home for them?

My passion for clay tile lived on. When I called on roofing distributors, there would always be a stack of one of a kind pieces of tile that some contractor was trying to match leaning against the wall of a salesman’s office. I just had to look through them as if I was looking through someone’s old, valued record collection.

I took the below photos in Santa Barbara on a Valentine’s Day weekend with my husband. I made him park illegally before we left so I could go back and take the pictures. I found the building on a walking tour that they might even call ‘the red roof tour’. This roof was striking in person; my photo doesn’t do it justice. The moss growing on the tile was such a beautiful contrast.

We all have quirky little secrets. I just told you mine: I love clay tile.

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