Home improvement projects rarely involve only one type of professional. A bathroom remodel, for example, might require the skills of a designer, an architect, a plumber, an electrician, and a green expert. Ideally, each expert applies their unique style and ability to create a beautiful and functional final product.

To attack these complex jobs, many homeowners will hire a general contractor, who then assembles the necessary professionals to get the job done. But homeowners may want to use specific people for different aspects of the job. We’re curious as to how these home improvement teams are best formed.

Why We’re Asking:

Using multiple professionals is intimidating for many homeowners and forces a juggling act of recommendations, specialties, scheduling and budgets. Coordinating such an effort is a full-time job and one that most homeowners don’t have time for.

Our experts come from a wide variety of work environments and have collectively completed thousands of projects, so we’re confident they’ll point us in the right direction.

So experts, it’s time to weigh in:

What’s the best way to choose a home improvement team?

Should homeowners always go with a general contractor?
Are there benefits and drawbacks to that approach?
What are the advantages of hiring a custom team of professionals?
If you do have a custom team, is it necessary to put one person in charge? Is one method more expensive than the other?

Check back next week for advice on how to assemble your own crack team of home improvement experts!

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