Boiler expansion tank problems can greatly affect your hot water system. The boiler expansion tank is a vital part of your boiler system. There are two types of expansion tanks used with hot water boiler tank systems: steel expansion tanks and bladder expansion tanks. The expansion tanks for boilers are used as a compartment to allow for the expansion of water as it is heated.

Boiler expansion tank problems are often caused by either a build up of air in places you don’t need it or by a lack of air in the system. Both of these issues will cause your boiler to either not work at maximum efficiency or not work at all.

If you experience expansion tank leaking problems, call a licensed professional to check your system. Most likely you either have a leaky pipe that will need to be repaired or the pressure relief valve itself is not functioning properly. Leaking is a warning sign of more serious problems if left unrepaired. Make sure that you service any leak immediately.

If it is determined that you have a faulty expansion tank that cannot be repaired; take great care when deciding on who will perform the boiler expansion tank installation. This is an important part of your boiler system that needs to be installed correctly in order for your system to function properly. Also make sure that you do enough research to be comfortable with the manufacturer when you replace the expansion tank.

Replacing a leaking tank can be frustrating to the novice homeowner. However, by taking your time, doing your research, and finding the best combination of parts and service for your system, you will be sure to get the most out of your new boiler expansion tanks.

And really, this is a project you only want to do once and want to do properly.

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