When you see a bathroom on TV it is nice and cozy. Whoever is in the tub looks like they are in the ultimate state of relaxation.

The bathtub looks so great with nice clean lines and shiny appearance.

Then, you look in your bathroom and see a bathtub with hard water stains, caulking that is peeling, and mildew in the corners.

What can you do to get that “TV look”?

You try to clean up the tub… spread some more bathtub sealer in the cracks and use everything under the kitchen sink to get rid of the water stains. Nothing seems to bring the tub back into shape.

This is about the time you begin looking into a bathtub replacement cost.

The bathtub replacement cost may not be too bad as long as you can spend a little time planning the project correctly. It may seem like a daunting task and something that may require some major work.

This may be true if you like to cut corners or don’t follow your plans exactly. The problem with most DIY mechanics is they don’t look at the overall scope of the project before they begin and soon find themselves in over their head.

Which as we all know, just means that you will need to hire someone to come in and do it the right, professional way.

Obviously, you can keep a bathtub replacement cost down if you can do the work yourself. Most of the time you can get a good bathtub/shower set up for about $300-$500. The higher price of the job is the installation.

Installation doesn’t mean you can just pull out the tub and put a new one in. Without the prior experience of doing the job, it can take many days to complete. That means no shower or baths until the job is complete.

You can hire a professional plumber to do the job, which may cost a little more, but in the long run will save many hours of frustration.

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