Bathtub installation instructions are important if you want to tackle installing your new bathtub by yourself.

In an ideal situation, the size of your new bathtub and its pipe fittings will be the same as your old tub. If that’s the case, congratulations! You just saved yourself some extra time and effort.

If the sizes don’t match you will have to align the piping before the installation can begin. It is critical that all additional piping be added before the tub is placed in its final position.

Keep in mind you will probably need at least one additional support person to complete a bathtub installation. Using support skids, move the tub into its space and align the water and drainage supply pipes. Once the tub is in its final position, check to make sure that the tub is level. You can use shims below the tub to achieve this.

But, make sure the bathtub is fully supported. If not, more shims may be necessary. Connect the tub to the hangers, adding additional hangers as necessary. Finally, connect the water and drainage supply pipes

Once the tub is in place and all the proper connections have been made, it is very important that you check all of the plumbing. Catching a small leak now is critical. Once everything is closed up and sealed off, it’s likely you won’t be aware of any leak until you see the actual evidence of damage.

If you cannot find the source of a leak or are unable to fix the problem, call a licensed plumber. It may cost you a little money up front, but I assure you that it will be less money than you would have to spend to fix a leak that has gone unchecked for months or even years.

Hopefully you have found these bathtub installation instructions helpful as you begin your renovation.

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