Bathtub drain repair doesn’t always require a plumber.

Then again, sometimes it’s best to realize your limitations in both skill and time and let a professional do the job.

However, if you’re sure you can do it…here’s the drill. In order to get started, you will need to address the specific problem and what type of drain assembly you own.

The easiest bathtub drains to repair are: the foot lock (you push the stopper down with your foot) or the roller ball (you push down the plug to hold water and pull it up to drain.)

To remove either of these drains, simply rotate the drain counter-clockwise until it is clear of the tub. You can replace a damaged drain with a new model in the same fashion. If you cannot easily remove the drain or realize that bathtub is damaged, call a plumber immediately.

Bathroom drain repair is also easy if you happen to have a lift and turn type drain. For this repair, remove the setscrew under the lip of the plug and remove the drain plug. This will give you easy access to clear any drain clogs. If the rubber seal on the drain plug has disintegrated, purchase a new plug and screw the setscrew into place.
Pop-up and plunger bathtub drains are slightly more complicated to repair because of the additional hardware involved.

A leak from one of these two types of drains can cause serious damage if not properly repaired. One of the biggest concerns would be damage to the overflow pipe. Damage to the overflow pipe can cause wood rot and mold growth behind your bathtub where you cannot see the damage.

Do not attempt to replace a pop-up or plunger bathtub drain unless you are confident that you know what you are doing. Rather than risk thousands of dollars in damage and adverse health effects from mold and mildew, call a professional to complete a full and competent bathtub drain repair.

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