If you have wet basement, the problem should be correctly as soon as possible.

Basement waterproofing is not so much a science as it is a technique.

But, the proper equipment and supplies are needed to ensure that the job is done correctly and the leakage is permanently stopped.

This is one job you shouldn’t attempt yourself.

There are many solutions for a wet basement:
a sump pump installation, proper downspouts outside the house, drainage tiles in the basement floor, and waterproofing the walls with a special formula.

Professionals are trained in all areas of basement waterproofing.

If a sump pump and drainage tiles are required, water in the walls will then drain without reaching the inside floors of the basement. Water will be directed outside the house by way of a drainage hose.

It might be that the plumbing is causing basement moisture.

A plumbing contractor or waterproofing specialist will recommend the best basement waterproofing supplies to eliminate the condensation and minimize the moisture in the basement. This might include wrapping the pipes with a foam material if you have lead pipes or replacing the pipes with PCV piping.

Basement waterproofing will clear up musty odors, prevent mold growth, as well as keep your possessions dry and safe from water damage.

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