The baits that you buy in stores are not always effective as pesticides for eliminating infestations. If you bait insects, chances are you will not kill all of them. If you have rodents, you will kill a few, but more will keep coming if you do not have a pest management plan in place. You will find baits for rodents, cockroaches, ants and termites. The baits attract the intruder and they feed on the poison inside. For the most part, the intruder will eat the poison, leave the bait box and return to the nest or to another area of the home to die. If you have a large infestation, more than one bait box will be needed.

If you do not place the bait boxes correctly or know what effect they will have on your pets or your own health, you could have a potentially serious problem. A pest control company will use bait boxes to lure rodents inside where they are trapped. If you use the store bought bait box, the rodent can eat the poison and may go of to die in the walls of your home. An extremely powerful smell from dead rodents can drive you out of your own home.

Professional exterminators work with pest control and use the proper equipment and pesticides to prevent things like this from happening. Pest management to prevent future infestations will help keep your home free of unwanted guests. You should always contact a licensed and insured exterminator before trying any elimination method yourself. They are trained and experienced in pest control. They can effectively eliminate infestations and keep your home safe in the future. The company you choose will use safe methods for removing infestations which can make you rest easier. You want to have the insurance and guarantee that your home is free of any more pests.

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