auditsThe best way to deal with an audit is through prevention.

If you are self employed consult a financial attorney and an accountant to ensure that you are handling your taxes according to the law.

However, if you are facing an audit, contact an attorney who has proven experience handling audits as well as trials.

When someone receives notification of an audit, the typical result is fear and panic.

But, an experienced tax attorney can help take some of the panic away by letting you know exactly what is going on by assessing the situation and giving you the facts as to what you are facing. You attorney will work with you through each step of the audit, creating a strategy of defense.

If you have been behind on your obligations, your attorney will work with you on a plan to uphold your financial obligations by acting as your personal representative working with the IRS on your behalf.

Be sure to hire a tax attorney who has proven experienced with tax related trials, just in case a trial is necessary or unavoidable.

If you are found liable for past tax obligations, make sure than the attorney you select has experience with innocent spouse relief. This is a very important method for ensuring that your spouse is able to retain assets during any proceedings.