Featured Question by Second Use: The green movement is everywhere we turn: organic food, eco fashion, sustainable homes. It is growing more and more popular, but there is still a major issue with pollution and waste.

Home professionals have a large network of contacts, such as clients and suppliers. Since professionals reach a large amount of people and are in the position to make suggestions, are they obligated to support and promote the green movement?

Why We’re Asking:

Elena Velkov of Second Use in Seattle suggested our 10th Blog-Off question. Second Use is a resource for contractors and homeowners to recover reusable building materials from their remodeling and demolition projects. To keep waste out of landfills and protect architectural heritage, Second Use salvages old building materials from the Puget Sound area and resells them at a discount.

We asked Elena what inspired the question. She explained:

“Second Use feels responsible for the condition of the planet future generations will inherit. We take pride in doing our part to reduce waste and keep the air clean.”

Elena wanted to know if other organizations and professionals felt this way, especially if they are in the green space. We at eLocal weren’t sure ourselves, so we’re turning to the experts for help and we’re asking them to weigh in right here in the comments. What does this mean? Homeowners will get the raw, unedited answers directly from the experts. It also gives you, the homeowners, an opportunity to ask the professionals for clarification directly. This is the forum to learn more about the reason professionals do or do not support the green movement.

So experts, it’s time to weigh in:

Do professionals have an obligation to support and promote the green movement?

Since home professionals are in the position to potentially influence a large group of people (their clients), do you think they have an obligation to evangelize going green?
Do you think there is “pressure” to do this? If so, do you think this pressure is justified?
How do you incorporate green suggestions into your business? Do you “practice what you preach” in your own daily lives?

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!