social security benefitsSocial Security benefits are reserved for American citizens when they reach the legal age of retirement.

However, they are also used to provide benefits when people face hardship or disability and are unable to continue working.

Yet, there is a series of criteria that must be met when applying for benefits, and if these steps are overlooked, your application may be denied.

It is important to understand the application process to ensure that you have covered all areas for the best chance of having your application approved.

If you believe that you qualify for Social Security benefits you may find that the best step is to contact an experienced Social Security attorney who can answer any questions that you have as well as help you understand the different steps of the application process. Your attorney will also be able to advise you on the way to secure the medical documentation that is necessary for being found approved for benefits.

There will also be a number of different reports and forms that you will need to fill out and your attorney will be able to provide you the best legal assistance to ensure that you fill out the forms according to law. You may also be required to fill out a work history report. This will detail your work history as well as the nature of the work that you have previously performed. A work history report is important in the sense that it helps the Social Security Administration understand how your injury or disability would pose a problem with your work related tasks.

Your attorney will also be able to assist you filling out the activities of daily living questionnaire. This questionnaire is an important part of the application process as it determines how your disability has impacted your day-to-day routines. Since many people find that the application process may be complicated it is best to contact an attorney to review your case before you apply.