aiding abetting accessoryAiding and Abetting or being an accessory to a crime is a criminal charge.

This charge implies that someone knowingly and willfully participated in a crime, or hid knowledge of a crime from the proper authorities.

They may know about the crime before it takes place and fail to take steps to notify officials, or they may learn about the crime and keep silent.

This is a very serious charge and may even be upgraded to conspiracy which is a more serious offense.

Aiding and Abetting involves being involved in a crime by offering assistance, money, or driving a get a way car.

Being an accessory to a crime may mean that you helped plan, assist, or promote a crime, even if you weren’t bodily present at the time the crime took place. This means that the person being charged is being accused of committing a crime against the state.

Knowledge is the principle behind whether or not someone is guilty of Aiding and Abetting.

If someone knows about a crime beforehand, and participates in, or does anything to help perpetrate the crime, they are aiding and abetting.

Since Aiding and Abetting or being an accessory to a crime are all criminal charges, it is important to speak with an attorney regarding the consequences. In most states, people who are convicted of Aiding and Abetting or Accessory may receive the same penalty as the perpetrator.