adoption stepparents grandparentsDue to the fact that the divorce rate is higher than ever, the face of the nuclear family is changing.

Single parent families are on the rise and raising the children becomes difficult, grandparents often step in.

Whether due to a missing parent, untimely death, or cases of abuse or neglect many grandparents are raising children and adopting them as their own.

Likewise, when one parent abandons the family or is deceased the remaining parent may choose to remarry and the new spouse now takes on the role of stepparent.

Many stepparents are opt to adopt their spouse’s children in an effort to complete their family unit.

Adoption offers many benefits and can provide children with the stability they need to feel secure in their new family unit. Some parents may prefer to change the last name of the children, as well, to ensure that their family is complete.

When families decide to adopt, the decision is usually based and founded upon love. They want to make their family unit complete and choose adoption as the best avenue. However, the processes involved in adoptions are often lengthy, intricate, and require the services of an experienced, licensed adoption attorney.

Sometimes, the adoption attorney must play the role of detective. If one or both parents are still living, they may need to be contacted in order to relinquish their parental rights. This may prove to be a daunting task; therefore it is imperative that you hire an attorney with proven experience in adoptions.

Sometimes stepparents would like to adopt children before a biological parent has relinquished their parental rights. It is also important to realize that not all courts will demand that a biological parent give up their rights.

It’s important that all family members interested in adopting children consult with an adoption attorney to determine if adoption is best for their needs and the needs of the children.