account mismanagementEven though investing in stocks and mutual funds are risky investments, an investor expects that their stockbroker will handle their investments in a honest manner.

Unfortunately, account mismanagement and fraud are far too common and many unscrupulous brokers will use illegal tactics in an attempt to make their own profit, at the expense of the investor.

Some examples of account mismanagement include brokers churning, failing to adequately warn investors, making frequent trades, and engaging in misrepresentation. Additionally, some brokers will give false advise to investors in an attempt to make their own personal gain.

If you’ve lost more money than you expected when making an investment, or you are suspicious regarding the intentions and actions of your broker, you to seek counsel of an experienced securities fraud attorney.

There are many strict rules, regulations, and laws that govern security fraud. The only way to have a clear understanding of your rights and to ensure that your case is handled properly is to meet with an experienced attorney for a consultation.